College admissions is confusing, but it doesn't have to be.

Let me help you put the pieces together.    


Hi! I'm Allison Grandits, owner of Grand Fit Educational Consulting. I work with students and families as they navigate the complicated college admissions process. My goal is to help you discover college options; colleges that will reward your students for their hard work throughout high school.

As a former public school counselor with a caseload of 400 students, I know it can be challenging to find helpful resources. It's easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices and difficult to silence the noise. As an IEC, I stay up to date on changes in the field and continuously educate myself on new programs and opportunities for my students. I have visited over 75 colleges in 13 states, and have attended information sessions for over 120 other schools.

Using the GRAND Fit method, I help students identify the factors that matter most to them. GRAND factors are based on Geography, Rigor, Activities, Natural, and Dollar fit. I know that every student is unique and their college search should be as well.


College is an investment. Let me invest in you.


You are going out into the world. What atmosphere do you want in college?


You are there to get a degree. What learning experiences do you want?


You are involved in your high school.
What clubs will you join next?


You are choosing your home for the next four years. What feels right to you?


You are making a financial investment. What outcomes are you hoping to achieve?


There are so many things that go into college planning, and everyone's journey is unique. Here are just a few of the things I can help you and your student with:

  • Gaining confidence by identifying strengths 

  • Standing out from the crowd with activities that fit your student

  • Career and major exploration

  • High school course selection

  • Finding schools that will award your student for their hard work

  • Creating an action plan so nothing falls through the cracks

  • College admissions essays

  • Expectation management and family preservation

Whether you are just beginning the exploration process, putting the finishing touches on your college list, or in throes of applications, I can help! Services include:

I thought the college process was really scary and overwhelming. I'm the oldest in my family, so I had never seen a sibling go through the process before. I was super nervous that I would miss tiny details. Everything started to feel a lot more manageable, and my stress really decreased when I knew that I had someone on my side that knows the process well. Thank you so much for everything. I truly could not have done it without you!

-E.M. Class of 2021

Berry College