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Allison has helped me so much throughout the application process as well as reassuring me there are many options. She planned out my entire application process for me, from showing me what I want as a student to showing me the options I have to pursue my education career. I went into the application process completely lost and not sure where to start and Allison was honest, not judgmental, and motivating. She knew exactly how to help me and guide me in the right direction. Thank you Allison!

Student, Class of 2024
San Francisco State University 

Working with Allison through Grand Fit Educational Consulting was such a wonderful opportunity, and she did an excellent job guiding me through all parts of the process. I'm now very happy where I'm at, and much more excited than I initially was to start college in the fall!

Student, Class of 2024
University of Louisville

As a high school senior who applied to over 20 universities, I strongly recommend Grand Fit Educational Consulting. The owner, Allison, is great at what she does. Here's three of my favorite thing about my experience:


1. Communication. She responds quickly over email and has a very intuitive website for setting up meetings. Always there when needed.

2. Essay feedback. Allison takes the time to carefully read through all of your essays and provides both grammar and directional feedback. She tells you what she likes, and doesn't point out mistakes.

3. Magical ability to cut down words. When I gave Allison an 800 word essay she was able to cut it down by 150 words without losing any meaning (which blew my mind). This also translates to shorter prompts, often giving me the perfect amount of extra space to fully express my thoughts.


Grand Fit Educational Consulting played a monumental role in my application process. I highly recommend!

Student, Class of 2022
Purdue University

When we see these campuses, it does feel like you peeked inside of our brains! During these visits, we have said many times, we get why this school made Allison’s list.

Parent, Class of 2022
Lipscomb University

Allison was a lifesaver! I can't imagine having to navigate this process on my own as well as nag my daughter to get everything done on time.

Everything was seamless and easy! The bottom line is...Senior year can be overwhelming. This made my life and daughter’s life so much easier!

Parent, Class of 2022
Indiana University

You introduced me to the common app and while I knew about it, you helped me figure out how to navigate it. I was able to get answers to all of my questions, from teacher recommendations to filling out info on the common app.  I felt much more organized and knew how to go about my writing.You also helped me understand what admissions counselors are looking for in prompts and how to organize ideas.I gained a lot more information about the process and felt comfortable in all of the important areas.

Student, Class of 2024
Georgia Institute of Technology

The college application process is very stressful and full of many ups and downs, but I was lucky enough to have Allison guide me through it. She knows her stuff!! it was super helpful to have an expert on the topic to work with. Grand Fit Counseling helped me lay out a plan and stay on top of the process as a whole

Student, Class of 2024University of Georgia Honors

Allison guided me through the process of choosing, applying and getting accepted into schools that fit me perfectly. She made the trying time of college applications simpler and I knew I could always rely on her. She genuinely cares and wants her kids to go where they will be successful. Cannot recommend using Grand Fit Educational Consulting LLC enough!

Student, Class of 2024
James Madison University

I thought the college process was really scary and overwhelming. I'm the oldest in my family, so I had never seen a sibling go through the process before. I was super nervous that I would miss tiny details. Everything started to feel a lot more manageable, and my stress really decreased when I knew that I had someone on my side that knows the process well. Thank you so much for everything. I truly could not have done it without you!

Student, Class of 2021
Berry College

Allison made applying to college a smooth and stress free process for my son and our entire family. We can't imagine having to navigate through the whole process ourselves. We started working with Allison, when my son entered sophomore year and she has guided us throughout the way, right from helping to find the right college fit (based on discussions and surveys), through helping to recommend and shortlist colleges, to assisting with the application process.


Throughout the way, she patiently answered all our doubts, questions and concerns and pointed us to resources where we could learn more. The Guided Path system that she uses was also very good for collecting and organizing all the information about the application process in one place.


Let's face it, these days, the issue is not the lack of information. Everything is available online. The real challenge is navigating through it without making your head spin. Having someone like Allison to take your hand and walk you through it makes the process so much easier. Having an expert consultant allows you to do things right the first time and avoid mistakes you might not have a chance to undo later.


We can't thank Allison enough for her help and assistance and highly recommend her services!

Parent, Class of 2022
University of Tennessee

I would like to take a minute to thank you for your work with our son. Giving him the opportunity to look at a large number of schools and then making an informed decision means a great deal to me.  He ended up with a school I would have never have dreamed of and after going to the campus I think he will be happy.  He will be able to graduate without student debt if he keeps on track; this is exactly the outcome we are looking for. Hiring you was the best money we EVER spent!

Parent, Class of 2021
University of Central Florida

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