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Admission Interviews for the Class of 2025

Updated: Jun 5

Building on a college campus with text that says "Admissions Interviews Class of 2025"

Did you know that many colleges offer interviews even before their applications open? While most applications don't start until August 1, several admission offices nationwide have already begun interviewing prospective students from the Class of 2025. These interviews can take place on-campus or over Zoom, depending on the college.

For those schools that allow them, college interviews are a pivotal component of the admissions process because they allow students to go beyond their written application and truly showcase what matters most to them as people. Apart from the essay, this is one of the main avenues where a student's unique voice can shine. Interviews enable students to highlight qualities and achievements that grades, test scores, and extracurriculars might not fully capture. They also provide a platform to ask insightful questions about the school, demonstrating genuine interest—a factor many colleges consider during evaluations.

Below is a list of several colleges that have already opened their interview schedules for the Class of 2025. Check if any of your schools of interest are already interviewing students. If you don't see them here, visit the college's website so you don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity to showcase your strengths and values.

Updated May 17, 2024

  • American University: Opportunities will begin in July

  • Augustana College: Students can complete an interview during their campus visit or schedule a phone/video interview with their admissions counselor before submitting their application. 

  • Austin College: Students can add an interview as part of their campus visit, or they can reach out to their admissions counselor to set one up.

  • Bowdoin College: On-campus from May 30-August 23; virtual and in-person alumni options September 1-December 1

  • Brandeis University: On campus from June 3-August 23 and virtual from June 26 through August 16. International students can use InitialView or Vericant for their interview process.

  • Bryn Mawr College: On-campus beginning in June and virtual TBD

  • Carleton College: Students must attend an in-person campus visit or virtual information session before they are allowed to register for an interview. Interviews run now through mid-January. 

  • Christopher Newport University: On-campus and virtual beginning June 3 through February 2025 

  • Claremont McKenna College: limited virtual interviews now through June 13. Additional opportunities will be added through December. Students can also submit an optional video response if unable to interview. 

  • Clark University: On-campus opportunities are now available through mid-August; virtual interviews will begin June 3 through August 30. Clark also offers "Clark on the Road" interviews, but the dates are TBD.

  • Colgate University: Opportunities TBD but will be available June through mid-December

  • College of the Atlantic: Virtual opportunities now through May 24. Additional opportunities will be added

  • College of the Holy Cross: Opportunities are TBD but will be available beginning in June. 

  • College of Wooster: Interviews are required for students to be eligible for the top merit scholarships. You can request a virtual meeting with your admissions counselor or an in-person interview during your campus visit.

  • Colorado College: Limited virtual interviews beginning May 22, but additional opportunities will be added throughout the summer. 

  • Connecticut College: On-campus opportunities are now available, and virtual options open in mid-June and run through mid-December.  

  • Denison University: Now through February, although January and February dates are reserved for students who have applied. Recommend an in-person interview during your campus visit or when an admissions counselor is in your area.

  • Dickinson College: Students can add an interview as part of their campus visit, or they can reach out to their admissions counselor to set one up.

  • Drew University: None currently available, but opportunities should be available soon.

  • Fairfield University: In person and virtual visits are happening now through August 8.

  • Gettysburg College: Virtual opportunities now through Mid-August

  • Grinnell College: None are currently available, but information should be posted soon. Interviews will be available through December 2, but after November 15, only students who have applied to Grinnell will be eligible for interviews.

  • Hamilton College: Offering video interviews through June 28, although more slots will be open throughout the admissions cycle. 

  • Harvey Mudd College: Not yet open, but students should be able to register soon

  • Haverford College: Virtual interviews now through July 30

  • Hobart and William Smith College: Note yet open but should be posted soon

  • Kenyon College: Virtual Interviews are available now through August 14.

  • Knox College: Students can email admissions to request an interview

  • Lafayette College: Interviews open on June 10 and run through January 15. Students can choose an in-person or a virtual interview

  • Lake Forest College: Interviews are required for students applying test-optional, and you need to connect with admissions to schedule. 

  • Lawrence University: Virtual opportunities are available now through August 30

  • Lewis and Clark College: Virtual interviews will be available beginning June 10 and run through August 27

  • Macalester College: Interviews open on August 1

  • Mount Holyoke College: On-campus and virtual now through mid-August.

  • Muhlenberg College: Interviews will begin June 1 and run through February 1, 2025. 

  • Oberlin College: Students applying to the College of Arts and Sciences can complete a virtual interview through August 30.

  • Occidental College: Interviews will begin in August 2024. Applicants can also submit an interview via Glimpse by Initialview.

  • Reed College: Students can interview as part of their campus visit or complete a virtual interview now through December 1 (ED) or December 10 (EA)

  • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT): Virtual interviews now through June 28

  • Pitzer College: On-campus and virtual dates TBD

  • Sacred Heart University: Virtual interview dates TBD.

  • Saint Anselm College: On-campus interviews begin June 5 and are available through June 16.

  • Sarah Lawrence College: Virtual interview dates will be available in June. EA/ED1 students should interview by November 1. ED2/RD applicants need to interview by January 31. 

  • Scripps College: Virtual interviews are available now through August 30.

  • Southwestern University: Interviews are available after you apply. Required for students who apply test-optional or are interested in the Brown, Dixon, and Garey Scholarship programs. 

  • St. Lawrence University: On-campus interviews are now through December. Virtual interviews are available on Thursdays from May 30 until August 22.

  • St. Mary's College of Maryland: College Conversations are available with admissions counselors throughout August.

  • Swarthmore College: On-campus interviews are available beginning June 6 through August 23 on Mondays and Fridays. Virtual interviews are available beginning June 5 and are offered on Tuesdays through Thursdays. 

  • Syracuse University: Interviews will begin in July

  • Trinity University: Virtual interviews will begin in July. Offer in-person interviews on campus and throughout TX (Austin, Houston, Katy, Plano, Round Rock, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Sugar Land) and Salt Lake City.

  • Union College: Virtual interviews beginning on June 3 through January

  • University of Richmond: Offers virtual "spider chats" with alumni from June 1 through November 15. 

  • University of Rochester: Virtual interviews will begin on June 17

  • University of San Diego: Students can schedule a virtual interview with their admissions counselor at any time.

  • Ursinus College: On campus and virtual interviews on Wednesdays until the end of August.

  • Virginia Military Institute: Students can request a virtual interview

  • Washington & Lee: On-campus and virtual interviews are available now until August 29, but more dates will be added through November 30. Students can also participate in alumni interviews between October 1 and January 31, which are only available for students in the United States. 

  • Washington University in St. Louis: On-campus opportunities begin June 3, and virtual opportunities will begin July 1 on Mondays and Fridays. 

  • Wheaton College (MA): Virtual interviews now through August 30

  • William & Mary: On-campus and virtual now through Mid-August

  • Yeshiva University: Virtual interviews are available now, but students can only register up to 30 days in advance. 

Class of 2025, do you have questions about admissions? Want to get a jump start on your college planning? Contact Allison or visit Grand Fit Educational Consulting for more information

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