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I've Been Admitted. Now What?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Congratulations! I am SO proud of your hard work and accomplishments. But wait! You aren’t done yet! You have to decide if you want to attend this school. Not sure? Check out this post on things to do before committing. But if you are ready to hit accept, don’t forget these necessary steps!

Pay your deposit

This may be called an “enrollment deposit” or “admissions deposit”, and it typically goes toward your fall tuition payment. Some colleges do not require a deposit, and others will waive the fee depending on your financial aid package. If you are unsure how to commit, reach out to your admissions counselor.

Register for housing & find a roommate

If you plan to live on campus, it’s essential to go ahead and secure your spot. While some colleges will place you with a roommate, many will allow you to select your own. They will often have you fill out a profile where you can indicate your preferences (early bird vs. night owl; introvert vs. extrovert; clean vs. a little disorganized, etc.) and get matched with a roommate. It would be best if you answered these questions honestly. How would it feel to get matched with someone who aspires to be a neat freak but really leaves his dirty laundry on your side of the room?

Notify your other colleges that you will not be attending

This is a step that many students don’t consider. If you were admitted to multiple colleges, you need to let the other schools know you will not be enrolling in the fall. Depending on the school, there may be thousands of other students waiting for your spot. The college may also be able to disperse your scholarship money to another student who needs it to enroll. Most college portals will give you the option to decline the admission offer, but if you can’t find it, you can also send a short note to your admissions counselor. Be gracious, thank them for the opportunity, and then politely tell them you will enroll at another institution this fall. It will also make the daily emails stop 😊

Set up your college email account, and check it regularly

While you may not be a regular email user now, you will need to be in college. Your professors will expect you to communicate with them via email, and your college will share important information this way. Link it to your phone, so you can always have access. You don’t want to miss out on football tickets just because you didn’t check your email!

Register for orientation

Some colleges only have one period of orientation, but large state schools typically have several sessions. Because of COVID-19, orientation may be online, but some colleges may be having you come to campus. This information will be communicated through your college email (see above), so don’t forget to register. Since you will be registering for fall courses at orientation, sign up for the earliest slot that works with your schedule. Classes at these schools fill up quickly, and no one wants to end up with a 5 pm class on Friday!

Request your final transcript(s)

Most likely, your school has a procedure in place for this. If you are unsure, check with your school’s counseling office to ensure that your final transcript is sent to the appropriate college. The college needs to confirm that you did, in fact, graduate from high school. Also, if you took any Dual Enrollment courses, be sure to request your official transcript from the college. Your future institution will only award credit from the college transcript.

Finish high school strong

While it is rare, colleges can rescind your admissions offer if your senior year doesn’t end well. You were admitted on your merits, and colleges do not look kindly on senioritis. While a few B’s won’t cause a red flag, students who fail or drop courses can have their admissions offer revoked. When I worked at the high school, we had a few students fail requirements. Not only did they have to take summer school courses to graduate, but they also had to change their college plans too.


Don't diminish this accomplishment. Going to college is a HUGE deal and you should be extremely proud of yourself. Have your favorite meal or get some swag in your new school colors. Enjoy spending time with friends and family before heading off on your new adventure.

Do you have questions about the college admissions process? Contact Allison or visit Grand Fit Educational Consulting for more information.

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