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Grand Report: Oxford At Emory

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Oxford College at Emory University often creates confusion, even among college admissions professionals. There are many misconceptions about the school, such as it’s the “easier way” to Emory, or that students have to apply again to Emory. While it is a separate campus, with a distinct personality, it is still 100% Emory University. Students have access to all the resources and can even attend classes at the Atlanta campus, all while spending their first two years on a small campus with abundant leadership opportunities and access to professors. Keep reading this Grand Report to see if Oxford at Emory could be your GRAND fit school.


The Oxford campus is located in Oxford, GA, 36 miles from the Atlanta campus. Oxford was the original campus of Emory, but Atlanta became the main campus in 1915. The 354-acre campus is beautiful- my pictures don’t do it justice due to the rain- and even has an organic farm. The 1000 students come from all over the world- 46 states and 29 countries, and only 20% of students come from the Southeast. They also have the most diverse applicant pool of any liberal arts college in the US, and their race/ethnicity breakdown aligns.


To apply to Oxford, students need to submit an application to Emory University and indicate they would like to be considered for the Oxford Campus. Admissions wants to see that you have succeeded in challenging courses while in high school. Oxford uses an unweighted academic GPA, and they only consider grades from 10th & 11th grade. Oxford is test-optional for Fall 2021, although they will consider scores if they are sent. Additionally, recommendation letters, essays, and extracurriculars are important in the holistic review. For the Class of 2023, 17,684 students applied, 3,541 were admitted, and 475 enrolled. The mid 50% of students had a 3.71-3.97 GPA, 31-34 ACT/1370-1540 SAT.

Students at Oxford receive the same caliber of education as students on the main campus. Some may say it’s even higher quality due to the small size. Classes are capped at 28, and labs have no more than 24 students. Students are able to begin research their first semester since there is no competition from graduate students or upperclassmen. Typically, students spend two years at the Oxford campus, before automatically transitioning to the Atlanta campus.

While Oxford is a liberal arts college, its innovative curriculum has several signature components. Courses include aspects of service learning, global learning, research, applied arts, and internships to make sure students are fully immersed in what they learn. All students must also take a discovery seminar during their first year, and have 30 options to choose from. Students can choose from 80+ majors, and about half of students double major. The most popular majors are Biology, Business Administration, Neuroscience/Behavioral Biology, and Psychology.


Another misconception I hear about Oxford is there is nothing to do. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While students are able to be involved in any activity on the Atlanta campus (except playing on an NCAA Athletic team), Oxford has over 80 student organizations. Students can participate in one of 9 D3 Athletic teams, community service, culture, and more. What’s even more enticing is the opportunity for leadership. Since only first and second-year students are on campus, students can become officers of clubs or even student government during their first semester. In fact, over 80% of students hold at least one leadership position. For students who want to take advantage of Atlanta, Oxford provides daily shuttle service or students with cars can drive themselves.


As you may guess, Oxford is not a place a student can hide. The close-knit and inclusive community is welcoming, and it encourages students to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. Oxford students self-described innovators and they want to make the world a better place. They are natural leaders (or want to become leaders), clear communicators, and are intellectually curious. It is a great place for students who want the small liberal arts experience in a more rural environment, coupled with the large research university in a major city. Oxford students must live on campus and have 4 residential communities to choose from. For more information, schedule a visit or take a virtual tour.


Oxford has an estimated cost of attendance of $75,424 (as of July 2020). This includes tuition/fees, room/board, books, and personal expenses, as estimated by Oxford. Oxford meets 100% of demonstrated need for all US students, and about half of the students receive financial aid. Qualified students are invited to attend Scholars Weekend, where students compete for awards ranging from half-tuition and fees to a full-ride. Additionally, some students receive smaller merit scholarships with their admissions decision. 82% of students graduate from Emory in 4 years, and 91% of graduates had their career plans set just three months after graduation. Even though the costs are high, the outcomes are quite favorable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this GRAND Report. Need help finding your GRAND Fit school? Contact us or visit Grand Fit Educational Consulting.

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